Haiti Quake Relief

Like you, I’ve been watching the horrifying pictures coming out from the earthquake in Haiti.  Quite frankly it’s a bit overwhelming.  So much suffering, so much devastation, in a place already plagued by poverty and pain.  The question is, what can we do?   I’ve been forwarded video of Pat Robertson proclaiming Haiti “cursed”(wth?)…been asked to join 37 facebook groups that somehow will support Haitian relief(be a “fan” of Haitian quake victims?)…I’ve also been asked to put a ribbon on my twitter account to support victims of the quake.   Alright…but what can we do? 

I thought I’d share links to a couple of reputable charities that I think can actually put our donation to work helping those in Haiti.

Samaritans purse–  You can donate online for quake relief.  Check out their financial “vitals” here.

Worldvision–   You can donate online to aid quake victims, or sponsor a child from the area…either way they are a great organization that could use our help.  You can see their financials here.

Compassion International–  One of our children sponsored by actionkidz is from Haiti, about 50 miles away from the epicenter.  Please pray for Rodelin Jean Baptiste.

2 thoughts on “Haiti Quake Relief

  1. This is great, i was just looking online for different charity sites to find out how i can help. I was just getting ready to email you about the possibility of starting our own “help haiti” donations. Most sites are asking directly for monetary assistance. I think actionchurch can help our neighbors in haiti whether we donate money or supplies.

  2. Don, are you saying that just saying “I support Haiti” doesn’t actually do anything?! I actually have to put forth effort and not just update my twitter & facebook status… I don’t have enough time to do that… I have to play Farmville!