It’s pretty amusing to see the google search terms that bring people to the actionchurch website/blog.  Over the years people have searched for some pretty strange things and wound up here.   I think this one from over the holidays pretty much tops them all.

“Where to find a prostitute in York PA”

So, whoever posted that search let me just say:  I know you didn’t expect to hit a church website when you entered that search. You weren’t exactly looking for a recap of a Christmas sermon.  You probably REALLY didn’t expect to hear that Jesus had two (count them 2) “ladies of the night” in his family tree.   But yeah,  God loves prostitutes.  God sees value in people who others probably have give up on.  God loves and forgives the people others can’t- or won’t.   Prostitutes, the creepy dudes searching for them on the Internet, and all the rest of us with our uncountable sins and defects.

So,  If you’d like to hear more about that God, in a place you’d be welcomed and excepted…you might want to check out actionchurch (1327 N. Duke St. 11am). …whatever your searching for.

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