actionchurch 2.0

Dear actionchurch web audience,

I sit here at Panera Bread with notes and sketches spread out in front of me of the new actionchurch website. Before I actually start adding and removing parts of the site I wanted to hear your opinions.

I have ideas already, but what is one thing that you like about the actionchurch website and one thing that could be improved? This is all totally subjective, and I might even ignore some of your suggestions :-) But I will read and think about everything you have to say.


6 thoughts on “actionchurch 2.0

  1. I don’t really care for the left side of the home page…like I feel it’s competeing with the blog…one needs to be bigger than the other or something. I feel the information on the left side is necessary, it all just seems cluttered to me.

    What if the blog was on a separate page, and made the left hand column the focus of the home page?

  2. A calendar of sorts that would include the bands that are playing, action church group activities, etc.

  3. I like seeing the upcoming bands…I like Garretts pics…I like Don’s blog…Could we have something where the ActionKidz can be showcased? And is there any way to get more interactive with the bands – links to their pages? Music stuff? Places where we can thank them or tell them what we really liked? By the way – Thank you for all the time and effort you put into all the graphics, art work and webpage – You are our unsung hero of the month!

  4. oops…one more thing I have been thinking about – and I know it is a little old fashioned, but maybe we should have some place / some way for prayer requests – some place if someone really needs help or needs some one to talk to – just a place for general “needs” – kind of like the “craigslist” of actionchurch.

  5. A links section might be good. Also, perhaps a database for folks to list their interests/hobbies and form new connections/groups.