Not Canceled


Since it’s snowing like crazy today I thought I’d post our “snow day” policy for actionchurch.  Basically it’s like any other day…If you can safely get to church-show up.   If you can’t-no problem.  No one will call you, write you, or show up at your house with a guilt inducing “we missed you”.  We don’t try to “enforce” attendance at actionchurch.  Our only method to “make” people show up on Sundays is to make each week such a breath-takingly awesome experience that if you miss it you will spend months in therepy or hours curled up sobbing in your shower while the water courses over your regret filled body, just like a scene from the most melodramatic movie.  Other than that, no pressure.  :-)

Bonus idea-

Want to “be the church” and not just “go to church”?  Why not show up early, dressed warmly and armed with a snow shovel.  The club will be cleared, but it would be cool to shovel the walks and driveways of people in the Club 19 neighborhood.

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