Sunday Recap: regift "Peace"

actionwreathThis Sunday at actionchurch was week two of the sermon series “regift”, and we discussed “Peace”.   Ever since the prophet Isaiah (9:1-7)  predicted that Jesus would be the “prince of peace” some 700+ years before his birth, people have been waiting for “peace on earth” to come.   Wait…and waiting…and waiting.  In spite of the prediction, everyone connected with the birth and life of Jesus experienced quite the opposite of “peace on earth”.  The central characters in the Christmas story all experienced turmoil, hardship, and danger.  The good news in that some day Jesus WILL come back and bring “peace on earth”.  Someday Jesus will restore complete peace (harmony) to our world.  The even better news is that in the meantime he left us a gift…peace on earth…peace of mind and spirit…even while everything around us is spinning out of control.  

27 “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.-Jesus  (John 14:27)


This Sunday 70 more coats were donated to elementary students of York city schools!!!   If you’re keeping score at home we have now collected 422 coats!   Just 78 more to go.  We could actually reach our goal next Sunday!  So Sweet!  Thank you all!


Calling our Closer on stage for the first time this week.  I was really impressed with these guys.  As a former worship leader I am pretty “burned” on any sort of “worship” type music (just my personal preference…nothing wrong with the genre)  and these guys took a couple of older tunes and ROCKED them.  I liked their originals…cool harmonies…and excellent to work with.  You will see more of these guys in the future.

Speaking of first time…I wish someone would have capture the face of the guys in the band when Josiah welcomed them as “round yon actionchurch virgins” in after their first song.  :-)  They DID NOT get where he was going with that…  Guess you had to be there…made me laugh at least.pulpit-of-candy-canes

My favorite part of Sunday…preaching from a “pulpit of candy canes”.   :-)   We are ridiculous.  If you think the stage looks like a trailer park blew up…just wait until next week. 

Technical Glitch of the week:   The sermon opener production piece was really fantastic.  Loved the interspersed Christmas classic clips from Christmas Vacation, Home alone, and The Grinch.  Unfortunately in the editing of the Chevy Chase rant from Christmas Vacation we managed to “bleep” the “Holy” instead of the “sh*t” out of the phrase “Holy sh*t!”.  :-)  Only at actionchurch…

Lots of fun this week.  I love this season…and I love actionchurch.  Anytime you can gather together and hear great music, discuss life changing topics in a (hopefully) interesting way, do good for those in the community, and have a lot of fun in the meantime…it’s a VERY good day.

Thanks to all of you who make actionchurch possible each week.

Wanna see more pics from Sunday?  Go here .  (Thanks Garrett Snyder Photography Limited Esquire)

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