Follow Jesus with me…or don't.

I’ve been thinking during this latest sermon series that perhaps so many of us have “Really God!?!” moments where we question God, because other Christians will say nearly anything to get us to join them.  “God will fix all your problems.”  “Following Jesus will bring you Peace and Joy”.  (Yeah, along with troubles, trials, and problems…according to Jesus himself.)  “God wants you to have more than enough…if you trust him he’ll fix all your financial problems”.  Really?

What if as churches we did the opposite?  No hype.  No over blown promises.   What if we just told our stories,”stains and all”,and invited folks to come along.   Someone sent me this commercial  (check it out, it’s only a little over a minute).   Maybe as followers of Jesus we should be a little more like Robert Lee.   And maybe it’s just my “inner white trash” speaking…but I would definitely buy a mobile home from this crew.  What do you think?

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