Stuff I don't like to talk about…


I hated the way the sermon ended Sunday.  I like to tie things up with a pretty red bow.  My goal every week is to bring a new understanding from the scriptures about things that seem confusing. I like happy endings.   I would much rather say “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life”…or “God wants to bless and heal you everyday of your life.”  than to say that sometimes God’s plan is beyond our understanding.  I hate to say that  sometimes God’s perfect plan for the world is to allow pain and suffering to happen to us.  That’s not something I like to talk about.

I would rather think of “Bible Characters” as two dimensional story book characters instead of “real people” like you and I.

I wish I still believed that just learning the stories of the Bible like some sort of history course in college was the “point”…instead of thinking that stories written about people in the Bible are there to prepare us for real-life difficulties that we will all experience in our lives.

I would like to be able to tell folks that following Jesus is as simple and easy as “saying a prayer” and attending a church service each week. 

I wish sometimes that God’s plan for his followers was more about getting  blessings TO us…and not as much about sending blessings THROUGH us.

The truth as I see it in scripture  is far more difficult…far more gritty…less Disney…more “Grand Torino”.   It may not be something I would chose to talk about…but it is never dull…and sometimes REALLY comical. 

What are the truths about God that you “don’t like to talk about”?

One thought on “Stuff I don't like to talk about…

  1. The part about sharing in Christ’s sufferings, if I get what that means. I don’t think that means getting nailed to a cross but that if we follow Him it will be difficult at times and we may be misunderstood and persecuted. The hard part to me is when I think of the times I have avoided that either consciously or not.

    Don, I appreciate the fact that you don’t avoid the tough things as I can get puppy dogs and marshmallows anywhere! We have to hear the whole deal.

    On another note please do post about the 500 coats thing as I missed what the deal is and I agree, cold kids do suck!