Sunday Recap: Farm animal edition.


This Sunday was week three of the 7>1 (seven is greater than one) series.  When it comes to hearing God speak…seven truly is greater than one.  Jesus discribed his relationship to his followers declaring that he is the shepherd…and we are the sheep.  Cows are self sufficient.  They need fences to keep them out of danger but they can care for themselves.  They are driven. yelled at,  and prodded by the farmer when they need to be moved.  Cattle only “moo” for help when they are in trouble.  Sheep need a shepherd.  They are defenseless.  They aren’t fenced in and driven.  They follow.  They know the voice of the shepherd and follow him.  Their safety comes not being fenced in…but by staying close to the shepherd.  Religion treats us like cattle…fences us in with rules to “keep us safe”…teaches us to “moo” when we’re in trouble or we need to be fed…teaches us that God will drive us back if we get outside of the fences.  Following Jesus is about…you guessed it…Following Jesus.  Like sheep follow a shepherd.  Together.

I’m not sure how to even charactorize today except to say…hmmm.  In a very good way.

Jesus is truly “walking ahead” of us as a church. I promised to be very open and transparent about our moving process…and I will…but we are still processing some of the amazing things God is doing for us.  I will say that things are changing very dramatically…at a very fast pace.  Please pray that we will clearly hear the voice of God and be obedient.    Stay tuned. 

Crappy weather.  Lots of people sick or out of town.  Great Crowd.  Great Energy.  Great offering.  Hmmm…   :-)

Huge props to Chambered and Jerry  (our Rock n Roll Czar) for a great musical set!  I think  the hard work that is going into upping our game musically is really becoming noticeable…big time. Loved the Life house tune at the finale… I can’t thank you guys enough…and from what I hear…just wait until next week.

Why do we need more kidz space?   Because of the Mom who came with her Baby for the first time today and had to stand outside ’til the Music was over…  I’m really looking forward to seeing the solution that God has for us!

I’m learning more each day that we have NO IDEA what God is actually doing most of the time.   Stuff is happening all the time that we just do not have the ability to see until it “sprouts”.   Very cool.

I wish I could find a better way to say this but I feel so stinkin’ fortunate to be just a little part of the actionchurch team.  Thank you all!

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