welcometomissouriSo it’s been an eventful week. On Sunday September 27th we announced that actionchurch had lost it’s lease at Club 19.  We announced that in 10 weeks we would be moving…to a place to be named later. You have all responded with a great out pouring of  prayers,  ideas, and support.

Since that Sunday alot has happened.

Our family has spent over 30 hours in the family truckster attending a family reunion in Missouri. In the mean time I’ve been battling a truly spectacular kidney infection which added fever and pain to the mix.  Added to the “normal” stress and challenges of running a small business in a tough economy it wouldn’t seem to be the most ideal situation to deal with our current search for a new home for actionchurch.  In fact, it might seem to be completely opposite of a “Good plan”.

If God is surprised…

However, I keep having the overwhelming feeling that God is not surprised.  That God knew exactly what he was doing.  That being one thousand miles away (literally) from the situation was exactly the right place to be.  That being forced by illness to rest and pray wasn’t even a mistake.  Pain can focus us.  As can the absence of broadband Internet :-) 

I’m back home in my office with a new perspective.  One that I think would have been impossible to obtain without the circumstances of the past week.  I don’t have all the answers…but I think I am sure what “direction” we have to head in as a church.  It’s good to be home.  I look forward to talking to you all Sunday. 

But I’m missing eating fresh made pie for breakfast…Seriously.

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