Thanks Ryan!


I want to say a special thanks to Ryan.  (He’s the handsome one on the right … not to be confused with the handsome Garrett on the left…or Josiah in the background wearing some sort of disturbing belly shirt. )    Anyway, Ryan has been working in the Tech Pit for the last year.  He’s been setting up the video system with Josiah, running the slides on Sunday morning, and most importantly-keeping me from touching anything technical on the Sundays when Josiah is out of town.  (Believe me that’s a big job…because I always THINK I can “help”- ‘right Ryan?)

We are really blessed at actionchurch to have so many great men and women on the crew.  actionchurch happens each week because people like Ryan share their time and talents…even if they’ve only had a few hours of sleep from work the night before!

So thanks again Ryan.  We’re praying for great things for you at College.  We appreciate all that you’ve done!  

Also…  With Ryan leaving for College this week Josiah is looking for a new “sorcerer’s apprentice”.  If you enjoy getting up early on Sunday mornings, being yelled at like you are a contestant on Hell’s kitchen (oh wait…that’s just me that gets yelled at on Sunday Morning :-) )  and want to help take actionchurch to the next level in video and moving graphics on Sunday morning…let us know.  

info@actionchurch or “apply in person” on Sunday.

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