You complete me…

showmethemoneyiFor the record, “You Complete me” is not my favorite Jerry Maguire quote.   I’m much more of a “Show me the money” or even better, “Help me, Help you” kind of guy.   However, I saw this quote from Perry Noble that I haven’t been able to get out of my head.

“It’s time for churches to stop competing with each other, and start COMPLETING each other”.

I want actionchurch to become available to more people…LOTS more people.  I want more people who at this moment can not even imagine being part of a church to experience a place where they do just that.   We are doing everything in our power to develop the systems and facilities needed to see that happen.  We’re working hard at it.  We’re going to encourage everyone who has been changed by being part of actionchurch to work hard toward that goal also. 

What we will not do is “complete”.  We will not try to offer “bigger” or “better” versions of programs other churches offer as we grow larger.  Quite frankly we will try to have as few “programs” as possible.  We will zig when others zag. We will often not do things the “right”  (read traditional-the-way-every-one-else-does-it) way.  We’ll experiment.  We’ll fail spectacularly at times :-)   In the end our goal is that folks that wouldn’t find a “good fit” at any other church will walk into actionchurchon Sunday morning and say “you had me at hello” .  (Yeah, I had one more Jerry Maguire quote I had to use :-)  )

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