"No Fair"

actionchurch at the 2007 York County Fair

I must admit that I feel a really weird mix of sadness and relief saying this,  but we have decided NOT to have the a tent at the York Fair this year.  For the past two years the actionchurch “free coffee” tent has been a really rewarding part of what we do as a church.  We met great people, we served the community (every night Michele and crew would take the free coffee wagon and serve a very welcomed “pick me up” to exhausted carnival workers.)  I enjoyed getting to know actionchurch folks better (Nothing like 80 hours of carnival work to cause you to “bond” right Garrett? :-) ).   Each year the fair has been a huge investment of time and resources…and to be honest a real “faith builder”.

This year the Fair reorganized their layout and we lost “our” great actionchurch spot across from the 105.7’s tent and the Beer Garden.   We have struggled to find another spot that would be suitable.   Generally, whenever we face obstacles as a church we “push through”.  We are a “damn the torpedo’s-full speed ahead” kind of church.  (Although we probably WON’T  put that on our new invite cards.)  :-)  As the difficulties with the fair have mounted (including personally not being able to take the time off from work this year) plus many others…I have had the nagging feeling that the ONLY reason we were ignoring all the reasons to NOT “do” the fair this year was because “we’ve always done it in the past”.

So…   We’re not gonna be there this year.  I must admit that I WILL be walking around at the Fair looking for a new spot for the tent for next year…thinking of ways to “do” the fair in an even more effective way…looking for opportunities to serve our community.   I hope you will also…

One thought on “"No Fair"

  1. sorry to hear you won’t be at the fair. I planned on stopping by to see everyone and getting some of that great coffee.