I think “reflexes” are very valuable to any organization…especially churches.  The ability to react quickly, instinctively, to opportunity…or change…or even “trouble” is just so important.

Two things that slow down the reflexes (the ability to react)  of an organization are bureaucracy and lack of vision.  If you don’t know “where you are going” it’s difficult to make a decision on how to react (especially quickly) to any given situation.  If you don’t know who is responsible for the decision…it gets put off…or shuffled to someone else…or the process takes too long and the decision “makes itself”.

Just thinking out loud here…  I want actionchurch to always have quick reflexes.  I want us to be a church that reacts quickly and doesn’t miss opportunities…doesn’t fail to react to the troubles and  opportunities that inevitably come.  Yet another reason to keep our mission as a church  “simple” and “clear”.

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