actionchurch @ the movies- the sequel!

at the movies

We’re doing it again.  Last summer we introduced “actionchurch @ the movies” where we discussed some of the years biggest blockbusters…and what we can learn from what scripture has to say about their plots and “conflicts.”

We’re not much of a “do-the-same-thing-we-did-last-year” type of church.  We seriously considered not doing an “at the movies” series again because it is becoming common…and of course the whole  “we did this last summer thing”. However, s0me things are good enough to “bring back”  (with all new movies this year of course).  Some things demand a “sequel”.

 One thing I loved about last years series though was that people would watch and discuss the movies together  in advance…talk about the issues that were raised by the film…try to guess what direction the talk would take on Sunday morning. Stay tuned here for the upcoming “@ the movies” of 2009 as we premiere them right here.

Q.  What was your favorite “new release” DVD rental this year? 

Q. Any movies that you think should absolutely be part of the @ the movies series?

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