Who do you trust?


We’re waiting on a plumber to show up at our house today.  Depending on him actually.  I’ve got a plumbing problem that’s way beyond my ability to fix and a soggy basement to prove it.  (Yeah, you’ve had days like that too!)

I’m certain that my plumber will show up…not because of his advertisements.  Not because of the logo’s and lettering on his truck.  Not because he is a “licensed” plumber.   I’m certain he will show up because he always has in the past.  I trust him because a friend of ours recommended him years ago when we were doing a major addition project to our home, and he proved himself “trustworthy”.    I trust him to “show up” because he always had in the past.  We’ve got “history”.

I’ve got other problems much bigger than my plumbing issues (in our basement…that’s not a euphamism)   :-)   and I bet many of you do also.  I’m depending on God to “show up”.   If he doesn’t…we’re screwed!  I trust God to “show up” because he always has in the past.  Someone introduced me to him many years ago.  He doesn’t always show up immediately  as I would like  (like my plumber)… but he always shows up just in time.  I trust God because he has proven to be “trustworthy”!

So who do you call when you have problems beyond your limited ability to fix?  Who do you call on when it all “hits the fan”?  Is it someone you’ve “heard about”…someone you’ve “read about”… someone you “know about”?  Or can you call on a God that you know and trust?  

If you need a “recommendation”…I know a God that you can trust. We “recommend” him each week at actionchurch.  He’s available…He’ll take your call.  The rest is up to you…

2 thoughts on “Who do you trust?

  1. Sometimes it seems like He will never show up. And often times when He does show up, it is never how wanted nor expected Him to. But after we look back on it, His arrival was quite amazing.

    I’m hoping your plumber showed up!

  2. Wow..sounds like you have experience waiting on God to show up (and maybe plumbers too :-) I’m not very good at plumbing or living life…so I find that both are always worth they wait!