You know you're infected if…


Since my hard drive was completely destroyed by a virus a few months ago I have been following all the buzz about the “conficker worm”.  One thing that struck me as interesting is that all the reports stated that the way to know if your pc was infected with the worm was to try to log onto either the microsoft security site or other security sites.  The worm “blocks” access to any sight that has the ability to help you destroy it.  You know you have been “infected” if you can no longer access the sites that contain the “cure”.

The whole thing reminds me of when sin creeps into my life…like a virus…like a worm.  When sin “infects” us it can be hard to spot.  It doesn’t necessarily show up in an obvious, “dangerous” package.  But it ALWAYS trys to keep us away from anything that could help us defeat it.   We find ourselves drifting away from reading Gods word, away from church, away from other followers of Jesus who might point out the danger of what is “infecting our life”.  

So, in order to avoid being “infected” by sin should we spend every day in church?  Every moment of our day reading the Bible?  ‘Only hang out with “Christian” people?  In a word, No.  Spending ALL of our time in church, with Christians, reading the Bible would (in my opinion) make us a lot like a computer that ONLY connects to the microsoft security website…Safe, but pretty useless for what it was intended to do.

So what should we look out for? We need to watch for  CHANGE in our behavior…a movement AWAY from things that point us in the right direction. “early warning”, a sign.  You might be infected if…

4 thoughts on “You know you're infected if…

  1. So I am trying to figure out where a Mac fits into this metaphor, and I think I got it. God sent his “only Mac” to come take away the “viruses & a generally bad user experience” from the world. Macs are your salvation to all computing problems!!

  2. So if the Mac is Jesus, then Steve Jobs is God the Father. And OS X is the Holy Spirit, right? Hmm – what about iTunes – Worship Music?

    Yuck. Let’s not go there.