More "Joe"-to go


We’re discussing the story of Joseph from the book of Genesis on Sunday mornings in the “My name is Joe” series.  It’s an epic tale that covers over a dozen chapters of the Bible.  Our talks on Sunday morning are the “mini-series” version…and are as they say on TV, “edited for content”.   We are concentrating on the pivotal points of the story “in between”  Joseph being sold into slavery (the pit) and being able to forgive his brothers and say these  amazing words in Genesis 50:20

20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.

Most of Joseph’s life…and our lives…are in the “in between”.   In between the pits and peaks of life, and the final realization that God was able to use it “all for good”.  I can think of no better road map for the “in between” than the life of Joseph.   

I’m posting the scriptures that our Sunday morning talks are taken from…including a lot of great stuff that we can’t put up on the screens because of time constraints… do yourself a favor and don’t miss a bit of this story.

Last week  (3/22/09)   “Joe and the Pit”  (Psalms 37)   link

This week  (3/29/09)  “Joe and the Cougar”   (Psalms 39)    link

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