I'm back…



…had a great time being “unplugged” and relaxing  with the family.  Here’s a few thoughts about the weekend.

I didn’t burst into flames or go through “withdrawals” when I unplugged from the internet, twitter, email, etc.  for the weekend.  I need to do that more often.  (everyone who has emailed me…I’ll catch back up over the next few days.  Thanks for your patience :-)

Thank you actionchurch crew for being the best!   Can I be honest here…this is the first church that I have EVER worked with that I didn’t have to worry even a little about being gone for the weekend.  As a pastor you guys couldn’t give our family a better “gift” than the fact that after only one year we can take a few days off and be assured that things are great at home.  (I agree with Josiah that Sunday was a big milestone for actionchurch)

I always notice when I am not at church on Sundays that “most” others aren’t either.  I’m not sure if all the churches shut down if it would make a big difference in most people’s Sunday morning.  actionchurch, we have got to change that in York County.   More people need to know what they are missing!

I did not take Reagan and Michele to the American Girl Museum as “Mr. Details”  :-) (we are both so bad about that) Josiah said.  We went to a “fancy schmantcy American Girl Fashion Show”.  But he was so right about one thing,  I held on to Reagans hand for dear life.For some reason being a one of about 3 “dudes” at a little girls fashion show weekend makes you feel like you should be on a “watch list”.  Let me just say if you put our family at any “fancy schmantcy” event- hilarity ensues…  I had so much fun being with the girls.

Because Jesus loves me, there happend to be a Gun Show in the same convention center…yep I went to a gun show and a fashion show in the same weekend…guess which one I looked less likely to be “profiled” at…  :-)

I am pumped to get to speak at actionchurch and kick off the new series this weekend.  Having a week off definitely got my creative juices flowing again.  I will definitely be bringing guest speakers in from now on every few months because it allows you guys to hear better preachers…and it allows me to be a better preacher by having a break.

As much as I enjoy being off it makes me realize how lucky we are as a family to be part of actionchurch…we love you all!

2 thoughts on “I'm back…

  1. Americann girl doll museum or a fancy schmantcy american girl doll fashion show, whats the difference? Gotta feel out of place either way. But hats off to you for “manning up” and being a dad.

  2. …lets just say that an event run by a womens “socialite” club in King of Prussia PA in a ballroom gives me even more opportunity to be a big “philistine”. They actually raise a ton of money for childrens charities though…and we had a great time!