Sunday Recap: "A brand new Mii" week 2


Today was the second week of the “Brand new Mii” series.  I talked about how living as the new “Mii” doesn’t seem logical or particularly “responsible” at times.  Giving instead of “hoarding”…forgiving instead of “making people pay”…serving instead of being served (etc) seem to go against everything that “real life” calls for.  We talked about Luke 17 :20-34.   Jesus said that living “business as usual” is risky business.  Even though you can’t see the kingdom…it’s right here among us.  Just like the time of Noah (Genesis 6) just like in the times of Lot (Genesis 19) people that lived life normally…logically…”business as usual”-perished.  The people who did the ill-advised, “crazy” things such as building a ship in their backyard even though it had never rained…or leaving everything behind on the advice of strangers (angels) -lived.   It is quite possible to be a “winner” at the game of life…and lose your soul.

The Highlights:

Yes it was “Spring forward” Sunday…yes I think daylight savings is from the devil!

Such a strange but cool day at actionchurch…just goes to show you never can guess what God has planned for any given Sunday.

The Pledge on Stage…With our very own Garrett on guitar.  Loved the new song…looking forward to hearing lots of new music from them next time they play.   It was really cool to see Garrett playing Guitar with them…but it felt strange not having him in the “Tech Pit”.

Speaking of the tech crew, BOTH Josiah and Ryan were out of town…but we still got a (stripped down) version of Sunday morning up on the screens without a lot of “drama” or difficulty.  Thanks Steve for running the song lyrics this week. 

All the actionchurch Crew were EARLY today inspite of the time change….you guys are simply the best!

Big thanks to the (unnamed) crew member who got a really expensive Ticket on the way to set up…Hope your wife understood that you got the ticket “serving the lord”  :-)   Some days it feels like “no good deed goes unpunished”.

Yes, I talked about Jesus coming back today…yes I have become “that Guy”.

I said that the I think praying for Jesus to come back soon is like being a teenager throwing a kegger in your parents living room and calling  to ask for them to come back soon.  Not a great Idea if you are (as I believe the church is) responsible for a lot of the “mess”…

I also said that I don’t think it matters whether Jesus comes back tomorrow or in 100 yrs…we are all going to meet our maker…and we don’t know when!

Someone told me that one of their friends wanted to come back to hear the “preacher that cusses”.   Who me?   I never say anything that you don’t hear on prime time TV:-)

 Ok…I did make up the story that  just like Louisville, Ky has “home of the Louisville slugger” on their city limits sign… so the city of Sodom  probably had “home of Sodomy” on their city limits sign…I’m just sayin…It could have been.

Next week is going to be amazing…you will not want to miss.   ac-allstars on stage.  The best sermon you have ever heard at actionchurch :-)   and some lucky family is going to leave with the Wii system we have been using for the series!

One thought on “Sunday Recap: "A brand new Mii" week 2

  1. I can’t believe I missed Garrett on guitar. Plus the Pledge is my favorite. I was back with the kiddies. :(

    But everything sounded great from the garage, so hopefully Garrett’s musical debut went well!

    Looking forward to next week…