Sunday Recap: revolution 2


Today was week three of the “why we do what we do” revolution sermon series.  We talked about the most controversial and “questioned” thing we do as a church:  Giving with “no strings attached”.   It’s perfectly “normal”  to give and hope that someone will reciprocate or at least appreciate your gift.  In Luke 6:27-35  Jesus urges us to do something “abnormal”-give to those who will NOT reciprocate…love those who will not love us back…forgive those who don’t “deserve” it.   Jesus could never get hired by Hallmark to write Valentines cards with that philosophy.  “Happy Valentines day to my bitter ex-wife who took the kids and the house, I love you and wish you the best”  would NOT have a lot of demand.   How can we possibly “live out” Jesus’ revolutionary idea of Giving with “no strings attached?   1.  Believe that it is God that “keeps score”.  2. NEVER forget that we are forgiven ourselves…. 

35 “Love your enemies! Do good to them. Lend to them without expecting to be repaid. Then your reward from heaven will be very great, and you will truly be acting as children of the Most High, for he is kind to those who are unthankful and wicked.

The highlights:

Lots of great txt msgs today!   We couldn’t put as many up as we hoped due to the large screen behind me “freezing up”…the “fix”?  Josiah turned it off and turned it back on and it worked perfectly after the service….aaargh At least nothing “broke” that had to be replaced.  Check back on Txt Tuesday for more…

The Pledge on stage today…great to have them back.  They really sounded great as a 5 piece…great Lifehouse cover to end the service.

I can’t believe NO ONE would admit to giving the “Sorry I’m a man” card on Valentines Day…Oops scratch that…just got an email from and (unnamed) couple that gave each other the “cartoon dog” card.

I am so excited about what is happening in actionkidz…gonna have to sneak back there during the music and see it for myself.  Great Job by the whole actionkidz crew.

Thanks to Ryan for setting up all the powerpoints for the music this week… it’s so great to have another set of hands in the tech pit.

I gashed my “pinkie finger” pretty good during set up…that’s the reason for the black tape.  Like everything else at actionchurch we fix everthing with bandaids and duct tape!

I heard a great story from someone right before going on stage today about how they felt compelled to do something very kind for a couple of guys from another church-“no strings attached”…  So very cool…the person who told me the story had no idea what I would be speaking about.

I love what actionchurch is “becoming”…it is so exciting to see so many people living out their passions and talents to create a truly exciting place to bring our friends on Sunday…No strings attached.

Watching the “500” and twittering nonsense with Josiah and Garrett…wanna join the fun?  Go here

5 thoughts on “Sunday Recap: revolution 2

  1. action church is great and I enjoy it and what it’s all about. Have you ever considered starting “action groups” or smaller groups where people can get to know each other better, fellowship outside of Sundays, and discuss sermons in a more intimate setting? or maybe do some projects or community service.
    Jesus was all about relationship…God is a 3 some right? So it would be cool if Action Church would encourage relationship through action groups where people could be more like family to each other.
    I don’t know…just a thought :)

  2. Not only are we considering starting action groups…but it has been in the “plan” from the beginning. We never want to have a lot of “programming” at actionchurch…I think the last thing people need in 09′ is lots more church “obligations” during their already busy week. However, People DO need a chance to hang out and “do life together” in home groups. (if they choose). The reason it has taken a year for us to get to the point of moving toward groups is that we didn’t start with a large “core” when we started. Everyone was a “stranger”. We didn’t have anyone we “knew” to even set up as a someone to open their home to a group. I am glad to say that that is changing! I actually had someone stop me Sunday morning with exactly the same question you have… actiongroups are definitely starting to gain momentum and “demand”.

  3. Excellent idea! Its nice to be able to get to know and hang out with other people in actionchurch. It creates more opportunities to do things in the community as well.

  4. awesome. well let me know because me and my husband are all about it and would love to be involved…maybe even open up our home.

  5. Great stuff everyone! I’m gonna take some time over the next couple of days and lay out the vision for actiongroups…the cool thing is you guys obviously already “get it”. Look forward to hearing more from you over the next few days.