Sunday Recap: Mythbusters IV


Mike (Torn From Red)

Today we talked about Worship in the final week of the “Mythbusters” series.  There are worship teams, houses of worship, worship albums, etc…but no one seems to be able to agree exactly what Worship “is”.  Jesus said when talking to the Samaritan woman by the well (John 4:4-42) that God wants worshippers who “Worship in Spirit and in Truth”.  To please God in worship we need to do the “Right thing…for the right reasons”.  The problem with “judging” worship…is that it shouldn’t be about us.  Just because we happen to enjoy a particular style of music, doesn’t mean it’s “Good worship”.  The Question is “Does it Please God?”.  Worship is not just music.  Worship can be neither “contemporary or traditional”.  (Everything that is “traditional” today was once “contemporary”…everything that is “contemporary” today will one day be considered “traditional).  If you want to truly do “traditional worship” you should probably do like Abraham did…build an alter…sacrifice an animal..and Give God 10% of everything you have.   I’m just sayin’

The Highlights-

All new Torn From Red on Stage.  New lineup (3 piece).   New Songs.  New Sound…I really enjoyed it.  The “new” TFR is heavy and raw…looking forward to hearing more from these guys.  Really enjoyed the acoustic song “Not the same” at the end also…

Met lots of new people today…Thanks for telling your friends about actionchurch.  We have done zero advertising since this time last year…yet the word is still spreading.

I had 3 separate “talks” to prepare for this week…and a lot of painting to do as well…yet I felt really “ready” to speak this morning.  I am so thankful that I can go to God and say, “I don’t get this…can you help me understand this”?…   you can also…and then you really won’t need me.  Think of it as “Bypassing the middle man”. :-)

Who knew that “Scrap booking” could sound “dirty”?

I’m thinking about giving Josiah an “off stage” mike…should I?   Or should he just continue to “yell at me” during the sermon?

There were 3 “macs” in the “tech pit” this week.  But my pc was still doing most of the “work”.  Go figure. 

I am really excited about next month in actionkidz…they are gonna do an “actionkidz bootcamp” during the Revolution series…  I wish I could be back there sometimes!

Some cool really “behind the scenes” stuff is happening that just may allow us to take actionchurch to “the next level”  Pray that God will continue to “make a way” for us to Grow.

I love our crew…I think it would be worth coming on Sunday mornings just to do set-up.  Nah…not really…but it is a lot of fun.

Yes, we did have a VERY hairy shirtless man in our video this morning.

Yes, we did show a video of Santa being blown out of the chimney with explosives.

Yes…that’s just another day at actionchurch.

I can’t wait to start the Revolution series…I cannot believe we have been doing this almost a year now.  I feel so blessed to be part of actionchurch.  

6 thoughts on “Sunday Recap: Mythbusters IV

  1. Thanks for this sermon, and thanks for having one of those pre-sermon “talks” with me. I don’t think I really helped that much, because I am pretty sure I needed to hear this sermon more than anyone else. (And not because I like “worship music”. blah.) I definitely had a bad attitude that needed adjusting.

    Is it OK that I worshiped to Taylor Swift on the way home singing
    “You should’ve said no, you should’ve gone home, you should’ve thought twice before you let it all go!” Amen Taylor! Amen.

    As for your mac-fobia comments. I can’t wait till I have to get a virus off my computer, install a new screen, and then replace a hard drive, ALL IN ONE WEEK!!! “YAY FOR PC’s”

  2. now i scared to tell my mom im going to scrapbook with my nxt girlfriend…. ill get interrogated even though im just building a book of memories. thanx don… hahahaha those 3 macs sent shivers of high tech advanced excellence down my spine. yur pc was like forrest gump in a room full of doctors and scholars “he gpt shot in the buttox” by a virus.

  3. Great, now I’m a “Mac-phobic” Bible thumper preaching against “pre-marital scrap booking”. My Baptist Preacher Daddy would be proud…

    You guys make me laugh…even first thing in the morning. Thanks!

  4. Don – If it’s not too much trouble, could you post the Bible passages you use during your Sunday talks (sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t in your recaps)? When we miss a Sunday, I like to look them up while reading the recap. :)

    Maybe in general for Sundays, you could do a media recap or something with a list of scripture cited and videos clips…(so those who missed it get the inside jokes about hairy shirtless men, haha).

  5. Podcasting is coming…but thanks for the reminder to put the Bible passage in. I just added it. As for the “inside” jokes…I won’t even try to explain :-)

  6. I think Josiah should have a mic so he can always share the random text messages you get. And as far as the jacket comments go, hopefully you know we pick on you because we love you. But I always do find your jackets an easy target for ridicule. :) Thanks for doing these blogs Don! And I love the new layout Josiah.