Txt Tuesday (late night edition)

Okay, I promised I would get to the text messages that came in during the service on Sunday and technically it’s still Tuesday… I’ve been battling a really vicious virus on my PC (more about that later.) Here they are:

Q: Do u think that sometimes our prayers aren’t answered because our suffering can create in us a compassionate heart more sensitive to the suffering of others?

Me: Excellent point… absolutely. There are many examples in scripture of God allowing people to suffer for a time. (Job, Joseph, David, Daniel…etc.) Almost every “great” story in the Bible includes (unfortunately for us sometimes) suffering. I think that’s why God commands us to “bear each others burdens” to be compassionate and loving to each other…because suffering is simply unavoidable…but at least we can hold each other up as we go through life.

Q. Do your parents support the direction you have gone with actionchurch?

Me: I’m pretty sure this question comes because I mentioned that my dad is a (recently retired) baptist minister. At first my parents were honestly pretty horrified when I first told them we were going to be starting a church in a bar. As Midwest baptists they get pretty offended if someone tossed a beer can on the church lawn… In August they came out from Missouri and attended a service at Fat Daddy’s (with a metal band that day) and have been very supportive ever since. I guess what speaks most is that they now give financially every month to actionchurch even though they are retired and far from wealthy. I love and appreciate them both…and often ask my dad questions during the week about areas of the scriptures I am unsure about.

Q. How do you pray? Do you just pray to God like you are talking to a friend?

Me: Exactly! Only God is the very best friend you could have…one that won’t leave you…betray you…one that you can tell anything, because he already knows. Make no mistake God is absolutely to be “feared”…but he allows us to approach him boldly…not as cowering subjects, but as sons, daughters…”friends”. I hope lots of you are praying Honest, Humble, Hopeful prayers this week!

We just had the three questions this week…I hope to have more next week and see some of them on the screens. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Txt Tuesday (late night edition)

  1. I agree with your answer to the question about suffering. From personal experience I can tell you suffering has a functional purpose in our spiritual lives. I might even go so far as to say that it’s critical. Suffering prompts us to turn to God and cling to Him. Hopefully we learn from our suffering so that we turn to God as an automatic reponse in every situation as opposed to a last resort when we are desperate and out of resources. Suffering has brought me into a closer relationship with God. My faith has increased, my character sharpened, and He has been glorified. Paul wrote, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” (James 1:2-4) There was a time when I read this passage and it made no sense to me, but now it does.

    I think suffering brings us to a spiritual fork in the road. For some, suffering produces bitterness, anger, and distance from God. Allowing suffering to be productive is a personal, deliberate spiritual choice.

  2. …oops–in my post I quoted a verse and said it was written by Paul. My bad–it was James :)

  3. Some good questions this week… Keep them coming! And feel free to comment on Don’s dressing habits. Those kind of texts are like Uno Wild Cards, you are almost guaranteed to win/get your text on the screen. : )