Sunday Recap: Mythbusters (Prayer)

“preaching gear”
Today was the kick-off of the new year at actionchurch…and the new “mythbusters” series. I talked about prayer today…”blew up” the greatest myth about prayer…that Prayer is primarily about getting God to submit to “our will”. Prayer is more about us coming around to God’s way of thinking instead of “forcing” him to do what we want. In the words of Jesus, “not my will, but yours (Gods)”. I challenged everyone today to “experiment” by praying Honest, Humble, Hopeful prayers (H3) like Jesus did before his Crucifixion. Our sins are forgiven because God did not “answer” the prayer Jesus prayed in the Garden to “take away this cup of suffering”. Learning to trust God’s plan and submit to it through prayer instead of trying to get God to do what we want, is like the difference between “fighting the waves” and “catching a wave”…
The highlights:
  • I did the DUMBEST thing today! I got “faked out” by the breakdown in Chambered’s first song and jumped on stage to intro the day WAY before the song was over. Really embarrassing but funny. Josiah was messaging me to “get off the stage”… I was having “flashbacks” of being a lead singer and not knowing what to do with myself during the guitar solo…at least I didn’t head bang or put my arm around the guitarist like every 80’s rock video…
  • Chambered on stage…besides my interruption they were fantastic as usual. They had just come off a late night club gig the night before but they were certainly no “worse for wear”. Great way to kick off the new year…
  • Used the “supper prayer” clip from Talledega Nights…had a combination of huge laughs and offended looks in the audience… “Dear Baby Jesus…all soft and cuddly in your fleece blanket…tiny, but omnipotent”. I “offend” myself sometimes :-)
  • Great “explosion” clip (family guy) from Josiah…looking forward to the various explosions during this series as we “blow crap up”.
  • I’m going to attempt to “answer” the txts we got during the service on Tuesday…good questions. We are now opening for text questions/comments during every service. Josiah will either put them on the screen live…or we will see them on the blog on TXT Tuesdays.
  • The prayer request I read: “I really really really want a girlfriend”… was absolutely real.
  • I think I gave Garrett a concussion putting with a ladder…everyone around me should consider wearing a helmet.
  • Had a lot of people say they really missed having church last week…very cool. I dig that we can take the week off and urge people to attend other churches.
  • Crowd was down this week…but actionkidz was packed…go figure. We definitely need more space for the kidz…(and everyone else as well) in the future. There are some really exciting possibilities for that happening. I’m praying that God will lead us and show us what to do “as usual”.
  • Everyone on Set up crew was early this week…I think we were all ready to get back at it! You guys are the best!
  • The ground was so frozen this morning that I couldn’t get the road signs in…luckily I had a cordless drill in my old truck and was able to drill holes for the signs to go in…adapt and overcome :-)
  • I felt like the service “ran” well today…but for some reason I felt “off” the whole time… All the crew did a great job…I just was sort of “flat”. It happens…maybe I have had too much rest and relaxation :-)
  • Keep your eyes open for a brand new website coming very soon. Josiah has been working so hard on it…and it shows. It’s going to be really exciting to have a website that “looks” like actionchurch!

Great to be back. I’ll take my “worst” day at actionchurch…over a day anywhere else. Can’t wait ’til next week as we “blow up” myths about the Bible…including one that I think will shock most of you.

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