Since this time last year actionchurch still wasn’t meeting each Sunday, I’m looking forward to our first opportunity as a church to kick off the new year together!

A few things about Sunday:

  • I’m convinced that the Sunday mornings between now and Easter will be the best we have ever experienced at actionchurch… don’t miss it! (After Easter we plan to “suck” until summer :-) …actually after Easter I will be saying that “this is going to be the greatest time ever…blah, blah, blah. I’m hardly an “impartial” judge.
  • Texting is back! In 2009 you can text questions/comments anytime on Sunday Morning. If Josiah “approves” your question/comment and time permits it will go on the screens. (bring your “A” game…he’s going to be tough!) If your text doesn’t make it up to the screens I will attempt to answer it on the blog on “Txt Tuesdays”.
  • Mythbusters” starts Sunday. I know the safe, expected, thing in January is to do a series on “Personal goals” and encourage you all to Pray more, read your Bible more, attend church more…etc, in 2009. Instead, we are going to question everything we thought we “knew” about prayer, the Bible, our “christian” nation, and the Church. We’re gonna give you “experiments” to perform on your own. Hopefully we will completely “blow up” some myths of Christianity that keep us from living passionate, purposeful, meaningful lives.
  • Chambered on stage Sunday…’nuff said!

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