What if there was a place…

I’ve been working on writing a paragraph about the “history” of actionchurch for the new website. (Josiah will be launching it soon and it rocks!) I came across the first thing I ever put on the website nearly two years ago. Before this blog…before we had a single person committed to joining us in this adventure…

What if there was a placeā€¦

  • Where you could be yourself and still fit in.
  • That cared more about doing good in the community, than looking good to the community?
  • That would never lecture you, bore you, or waste your time?
  • Where your skills and experiences could actually make a difference in York county -no matter who you are?
  • Where each week you heard one practical idea of how to live a more satisfying, meaningful life- instead of being overloaded with pointless information.

What if that place turned out to be a church? -January 2007.

I though it would be appropriate to post it again on this final day of 2008 because it is happening…there is “such a place”… we’re living out that dream…with God, nothing is impossible.

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