Sunday Recap: In God we Trust? pt. 1

Tear Down

Today was the first week of the “In God we Trust?” series…and our first week meeting at Club 19. Today I talked (from Psalm 37) about how we can trust God to “keep score”…to judge evil and reward good. I think so much of our frustration and anger as a country comes from the injustice we see when good responsible folks struggle and those who harm others and do wrong prosper… Justice is coming…we just have to remember that the one “keeping score” is not public opinion, the media, politicians…or even you or I…it’s God!

The Highlights:

  • Eight months after launching on February 10th at Fat Daddy’s Nightclub…oops we did it again! actionchurch 2.0 launched today at club 19. What a great Venue.
  • actionkidz looked amazing…It’s hard to imagine what the guys did with basically a diesel garage stall…I am really excited for the future of the “kidz
  • Thanks to Jerry for loaning us all the cool automotive memorabilia…
  • I know this is going to sound like a “thank you note” but thanks to all of you who worked so hard to make this new launch possible… Special thanks to Michele for never allowing me to settle for “good enough”. We are a better church because of her attention to detail.
  • Fire From the Sky on stage today…the bigger stage really allowed them to turn loose some high energy stream of consciousness punk.
  • I loved having the new “big screen” behind me (Thanks Shawn from Stagemasters)…and I really loved the “big screen” monitor in front of me (Thanks Keith!)
  • Josiah needs to grow a third arm to run all the stuff in “command central” but the graphics were incredible…and it is going to be really useful being able to send different images to the various screens.
  • This was Garrett’s first week as actionchurch’s first Stage manager. He managed to do something I have never been able to accomplish…getting the band on the stage and playing in less than a minute…unfortunately I told him the wrong time…which is exactly why we need a stage manager!
  • Lot’s of great txt msg questions today…I’ll cover some of the ones I didn’t get to later this week here on the blog.
  • Thanks to everyone for showing up early this morning and making it happen…and staying after and tearing down. We were finally at the point at Fat Daddy’s that set up and teardown were “second nature”. I have no doubt that in a few short weeks we will have it organized again!
  • I know, I know, it didn’t seem like we had a lot of “extra” room in the “bigger package.” We still have a lot more chairs and more arranging to do …but it did seem to be pretty full already today. I’m determined to just continue to tell the good news about Jesus in a relevant “action filled” way…and trust that God will continue to provide more seats for the people that show up to hear. The fact that we are able to meet at a venue like Club 19 shows that you should never (as the guys sang today) “underestimate my Jesus”.

Stuff we are working on…

  • I understand the music was a “smidge loud” :-) New club…new system…we’ll bring it down. I was beside the stage instead of in front of the mains like I used to be at Fat Daddy’s so I thought it was actually quieter than normal…not so much.
  • We have to have a place for people with small children too young for actionkidz…and too young to handle the music…we should have a solution this week… Sorry for those with little children this week…stay tuned.

Lots of stuff we need to do better…lots of stuff to tweak..but I am really grateful and proud of the job that the actionchurch crew is doing…this is only the beginning.

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