Sunday Recap: Rock Band pt1.

Week one of “Rock Band” the series…I love talking music…and I love talking about the potential of the church. This series is going to be a lot of fun! Today I talked about “our influences” from Acts Chapter 4. The First church was controversial, “famous”, had sell out crowds without “selling out” like any great Rock Band or Church…turned their world upside down! My favorite verse from today was… Acts 4:13 When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus. Wow…I want people to say that about me someday.
The Highlights:
  • Our opening act today was the “Human Hand Grenades”…The played Dani California by the Red Hot Chili peppers on Rock Band… It was really cool to see the game going on all the plasmas around the club. Josiah showed undying “commitment to his solo” when he left the stage to “rock his plastic axe”. Ryan rocked the Drums and Garrett played a “custom” actionchurch Bass. (below) HHG forever!
  • Chambered on Stage as our “featured act” today. They rocked a great set (as always)! Started out with a Breaking Ben tune “Breath”, followed by 3 days grace “Just like you”. They did their original “Cut the noose” and ended up with Daughtry “Crashed”. Dave is getting better and better at being the new “front man”…I have no idea how he can play guitar, scream, and sing seemingly all at the same time… always love to have Dave, Chris, and Jimmy in the house!
  • Set up was Hell with all the stuff coming back from the fair…we also had normal set up crew out traveling…but everyone still made it happen with time to spare! I really appreciate all the new and old folks on Tear down as well…Thank you all.
  • We hadn’t had a chance to test our “Rock Band” set up live due to the craziness of the fair…I’m really impressed with the guys for making it happen…thanks to Mitch for loaning us the game…and Jake for being willing to run sound for any ridiculous thing we imagine.
  • Lots of new folks out today…it was awesome to see people we met at the York Fair come out and check actionchurch out…
  • Had several people remark today that we need more space…I know, I know…we are definitely working on it. We should be able to announce something within the week…Stay tuned.
  • The Fifes did a phenomenal job in actionkidz today…set the whole thing up as a carnival with games and prizes…cotton candy…I wanted to stay up there! Thanks!
  • I was drenched when I got off stage today…wow was it hot! I’m sure it was worse for the band(s) I just had to stand there and talk!
  • I have to go BACK to the fair…We tore down last night..but it seems that I will need to have a licensed electrician to get our extension cords unplugged from the meter…seriously.
  • I’m tired…I smell like sweat, stale beer, and smoke, and my head is pounding…Wow was it great to be in Church today! Thanks for all of you who help make it happen in every way.

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    1. where else but actionchurch is the smell of “sweat, stale beer and smoke” considered a good thing! LOL! Thanks for all the hard work!