York Fair: Shopping list

Thanks for everyone who has volunteered to help out at the fair! For those of you who have asked about what we are buying to give away…here’s the shopping list. Thanks so much to those of you who have already given to this effort…the true “message” of actionchurch is not what I say on Sunday morning…but what we do during the week. If you have a chance at all to swing by the tent at the fair you will experience how surprised and happy people are that a church merely wants to serve them a great cup of Duncan Donuts coffee for free…or give them a balloon for their child…or the surprise and delight of a carnival ride worker when we bring them a hot cup of coffee during their grueling evening on the midway…it is truly “worth the price of admission” just to experience their reaction. “Serving others…no strings attached” is one of our core values and the York fair is such a great place to put it into action.

Here’s what it takes to put on the event:
Coffee, cups and lids: $350+
Coffee “fixins” sugar etc. $80
Balloons: $190
Helium: $125
Invite cards $150
Spot rent for tent $800

Opportunity to give fair goers a positive experience with a church….priceless!

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