My Schedule (or, Why I don't get out much)

Michele and I get a lot of invitations (OK…Michele gets most of them) to events, parties, hang-outs, etc… and she was saying yesterday that many people are genuinely surprised when we can’t attend because of my work schedule. The following is my weekly work schedule…bear in mind I am not complaining…or bragging…everyone on the actionchurch crew works or goes to school or both. I just want to let everyone know that it’s not that I am anti-social and don’t want to come to your event…we just have a very busy weekly schedule. OK….maybe I am a little and “anti-social” and don’t want to go to your party…but I do have a very good excuse :-)

Sunday: Show up at the club at 7 to pray, pick up the parking lot, and set up the tent and outdoor signs… This is my “quiet time” on Sunday morning and how I prep for preaching…ymmv. We roll out of the club at 1pm grab some lunch and I generally fall asleep watching nascar… We occasionally do things with folks on Sunday afternoon but I am generally suffering from my “holy hangover” from the morning and am even less “fun” than usual.

Monday: Family day…the only “sane” day of the week. …I wish I could say that we did something “fun” like going to Disney every week, but this is at least time together. I generally blog and answer mail in the morning and but I don’t do sermon prep, and I TRY to stay away from the computer for the rest of the day.

Tuesday- Saturday: Five days a week I work as a painting contractor to earn a living and help support actionchurch. This generally consists of painting 5-7 Rental Townhouses per week. I actually start my morning (6am to 8am) working on actionchurch “stuff”: blogging, returning emails, sermon planning, newsletter, etc. At 8am it’s off to paint but while painting I make and return phone calls for church, plan and rehearse the sermon, book bands, reply to emails on my phone, etc. I also occasionally take lunch meetings. I generally work until 5…no quitting time…as a contractor you work until you are finished…then it’s home to eat, shower, try to play barbies without falling asleep…work out, read, return email…watch some tube…pass out.

Thursday Night: On Thursday night I finalize the sermon for the week. Occasionally I will have to do some additional work on Friday night or early Saturday morning If I am late getting the lyrics from the bands… For the past two Series Josiah has been doing all the graphics which has taken a TREMENDOUS load off me in the sermon prep department (and they look much better also) I generally start at 10pm and work until after midnight putting the PowerPoint, music, announcements and my sermon stuff together… The rest of “study” and planning is done while painting.

That’s my schedule…yours may be busier…I certainly would not want mine to be!

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