Sunday Recap: "at the movies" pt. 4

Today was the final installment of the “at the movies” series. Today we screened the “Bucket List” and talked about finding the joy in life. Happiness comes from happenings…joy exists “in spite of” our circumstances.
The highlights:

  • Holy cow…the ac allstars were awesome today! We have a lot great “young” bands but they are going to have to practice a lot of years to keep up with the all-stars…we are really fortunate to call these guys (and gal) the “house band”. They started out with the Jeff Beck version of “People get ready” followed by “Stand by me” “”Undo me” (Jennifer Knapp) and an amazing rock-n-roll version of “I saw the Light”… I can’t believe Jerry managed to make a Hank Sr. song rock…hard! Really an amazing week musically…It would be worth coming to actionchurch just for the bands.
  • Great crowd again today…we have been consistantly growing during June and July.
  • Today we tested our “TXT MSG” system for the series that starts next week…as usual it is a “hacked” together scramble…but It looks really good. Josiah had about zero sleep after driving back from an out of state wedding to be there but still managed to work his usual “miracles”!
  • I’m thanful we have a Mac expert to help us (Jeff)…of course if we all had PC’s we probably wouldn’t have any computer problems… :-)
  • The ac was not working right upstairs in actionkidz…last week the kidz froze…this week it was hot…ugh.
  • Lori brought me a tissue when I said I might cry during the bucket list…I didn’t need it…but I love how she is ready for any “contingency”.
  • Thanks to the Fife family for loaning us their popcorn machine for the month of July and providing the popcorn for the series…you guys rock!
  • I’m both excited and scared about the possibilities of the upcoming three weeks of “TXT MSG”… when we tested letting people “live text” their questions up to the screens, the first message was “Your fly is open”…I’m gonna get heckled!!!! (By the way…you guys are texting my phone so I know who you are :-)
  • Lots of wet motorcycles in the parking lot today. It poured during the service. Michele put up the top on my “thing” Thanx!
  • I’m thankful for joy…It hasn’t been a very “happy” week…In fact it’s been tough in almost every way…but I really have a sense of “joy” because of what God is doing each week…
  • I almost forgot…I saw people dancing on the deck during “Stand by me”…that makes me smile.

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