…not "selling" anything.

I had a couple of “young people” (saying that makes me sound like an old-timer I know…) knock on the door last night. The first thing out of their mouth after “hello” was to tell me that they were not “selling anything” or taking donations. They proceeded to tell me that they were part of a program teaching young people “poise” and “life experience” by sending them door to door to talk to people… At the end of their “presentation” they asked if I would “grade” their presentation by ordering some magazines…the more magazines I ordered, the higher the “score” they would get for their “presentation…” I offered them cold drinks and gave them some “life experience” by telling them no sale!

I hate stuff like that! I hate sales pitches and ploys… I’m a sucker for door to door sales so if they would have been half way “straight” with me I might have bought something. (That’s why Michele hates when I answer the door.) I never want to do this sort of “bait and switch” at actionchurch. We certainly are never going to “pressure” anyone. Everyone is welcome whether they are a skeptic or “believer”…but we are about influencing people to become followers of Jesus…no “tricks”…”no ploys”…no apologies.

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