Sunday Recap: Summer at the Shore (pt. 2)

It’s street rod weekend in York…above is a shot from the motel parking lot next to Fat Daddy’s.
Lots of “action” today. I’ll try to remember the big stuff. I spoke from Mark 5 about the naked demon possessed dude who lived in the graveyard…”Legion”. The most amazing part of the story is that the people of the area sent Jesus away because they were afraid… after he messed up their “pig farm”. A couple of important take aways from today were: What are you afraid of that keeps you from having an encounter with Jesus? Also, our stories are so powerful…the same people that sent Jesus away because they were afraid were “amazed” at the now fully clothed and sane dude’s story…pretty cool.

  • Unsettled on stage today…they “killed” today. Great set Starting with Matchbox 20 “Real world” Followed by “Monster in the Lake” “Remittance of my soul” and the coolest version I have ever heard of the old Hymn “Turn your eyes upon Jesus”… Wow. Unfortunately their keyboard player is moving out of state until December so we probably won’t see Unsettled until 09′. We are going to miss them…they have been with us since week 2. (If you missed them today check out the video of “Remittance” below.
  • Crazy morning…One of our largest crowds ever…gonna have to set out more chairs.
  • Speaking of a “crazy morning” had a kid throw up during the service…had an asthma attack…”lost mom”…where ever I looked as I preached I could see Michele and Lori running to deal with some emergency!
  • I can’t believe how many shirts we have sold already. We raised almost $800 for relay in T-shirt sales alone!
  • Speaking of Relay- It’s STARTS FRIDAY… go here for updated details- (link)
  • So far we have over $2700 raised for Relay… You guys are unbelievable. I am so thankful to be part of such a generous church!
  • By the end of this week we should have another Race car running around the track with actionchurch logos on it! It’s gonna be fun to cheer for the #87 Lance Danmeyer Super Stock car and the #222 Bob Lash legends car. I’ll get pictures next time we hit the track.
  • Our crew rocks! Lori, Jeff and Chrissie, Dave, Josiah, and of course my “super hottie” Michele…Thank you…we could not do actionchurch without you! …even though Jeff and Chrissie played a very mean trick on me this morning.
  • New crew upstairs in actionkidz…I heard they were awesome…Thanks Jared and Mellisa!
  • Had several cool conversations today where people related how the sermons over the last few weeks have been “exactly what they needed to hear”… I have to give all the credit to God for that because we plan a long time in advance and have no way of knowing who will be there…It just shows God cares about us and wants to speak to us.

It’s been an awful week…and an awesome/awful Sunday…this is why we do actionchurch. In spite of all the tough things we are facing I was “praising God like I was Pentecostal” on the way home…too cool.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Recap: Summer at the Shore (pt. 2)

  1. With me I don’t think it was as much, what am I afraid of. But what will I have to give up that I enjoy? The more I thought about it, the more I knew, that the things I “enjoy” so much, are the things that are keeping me from getting closer to God, and Making my life difficult at times. But I’m still working on some things I know i shouldn’t do, or say. I’m not perfect.

  2. Keep on searching… a lot of the things that I used to worry about “giving up” are absolutely inconsequential today…It’s a journey…you may end up being pleasently surprised.