"Inspirational place"

I keep reading in the gospels that Jesus “went up the mountain to pray”. I know that we can (and should) pray throughout our day to day lives…but there are special places that just seem to “click” for us. For Jesus it was the mountains… Do you have a “inspirational place”? A place that just naturally leads to a conversation with God? A place where the “muddled” becomes clearer..and the tension just kind of fades away?

My “inspirational place” is being behind the wheel of my old truck. Maybe it’s the oil fumes…maybe it’s the fact that I am hurtling along the interstate in a rusty old box that is only 3 inches off the ground…maybe I feel “closer to God” because every moment on the Capitol Beltway in my old truck is a “near death experience”…I’m not sure. I just know that my “mountain” was made in Germany in 1965…where’s yours?

One thought on “"Inspirational place"

  1. My mountain is anywhere near water. I’ve spent some time at the Chesapeake Bay where I’ll pray. There is something about being near water that draws me close to him. There is so much symbolism in the water that draws me to the Father.