Quote(s) of the week -whiteboard edition

Here’s some stuff that still has me thinking from being at the whiteboard conference yesterday. (I know…my hand writing is so jacked up that it looks like the “uni-bomber manifesto” when every I take notes…at least I can read it…sort of.

“Our very best theories will be amended due to paradigm shifts”
“We all underestimate God-our dreams are too small”- Mark Batterson

“The most messed up people of his time wanted to hang out with Jesus…do the most messed up people of our time want to go to church and hang out with us?- Vince Antonucci (I hope so…that’s kind of the point of actionchurch…a place where everyone can be accepted…)

“The public is unaware, unimpressed, and unchanged by the message of the church today…” Tim Stevens

“At the root of every sin is the desire for Power, Comfort, Approval, or Control” –Darrin Patrick

“Spiritual Growth should be “normal” in a church…” –Mark Dever

“Stay connected (to Jesus) and “fruit happens”- John Burke

“Be obedient to God and let him handle the results”- Perry Noble

“Sometimes the most “mature” thing you can say to someone who is suffering is “I don’t know” (why this is happening)- Ed Stetzer

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