Names for Sunday…

Here are the names that will be displayed Sunday. It’s amazing to think that in our 12 week old church there are so many people who have felt the affect of cancer in our lives. These names are our family, our friends, our neighbors…
In Memory of:
Don Eaton
Ervin Eaton
Thomas Eaton
Romain Eaton
Wendy Gangwer
Susan Gladfelter
Rev. Keith Grams
Jay Hermans
Nedra Imerst
Mel Kindred
Marvin Kindred
Judy Kraft
Lori Klinedinst
John Landis
Emily McCleary
Richard Searl
In Support of:
Cora Beyer
Merlyn Caites
Donna Eakins
Jim Hulin
Elrose Hunt
Cheyne Main
Ester Yost
Donna Waters
In Honor of:
Steve Eaton
Gloria Ensminger
Fred Klinedinst
Lisa Moore
Marc Pypaert
Sunday we will pray for those families who have lost those they love, celebrate survivors, and pray for strength for those who fight on . We will hear great stories. We will laugh. Most importantly we will learn how everyone can put their compassion into action and actually make a difference in our community. …and of course, because we are actionchurch, we will have a lot of fun doing it…that’s how we “roll”.

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