Sunday Recap- "Wrecked" Finale

Final week of “wrecked”… I think I’m gonna miss preaching from behind a pile of crashed car parts… Here’s the high lights:

  • I am so proud of what’s happening at actionchurch right now…not because we had a great turnout today…not because people are giving generously and we had a great offering today..not because it was a great service…all those things were true today but…
  • I am so proud to see actionchurch becoming a true community! People are helping each other, becoming part of each others lives…”being” the church! I just love to see that happening!
  • I am so thankful for the people that are continuing each week to step up and volunteer! Thank you all so much! You are what makes actionchurch happen each week.
  • I saw Chrissie mopping the wall upstairs in the disco that becomes actionkidz…nothing says you are “doing the work of the Lord” like cleaning up vomit early on Sunday morning…did I mention I am proud of our people today?
  • We need to figure out how to do baptisms at a nightclub…what a great “problem” to have! (any ideas for what we could use out on the deck area for baptisms?) I love that people are wanting to “go public” with their faith…can you imagine an “I got baptized at Fat Daddy’s nightclub T-shirt? YEAH!
  • Torn from Red on stage today…somewhere the Foo Fighters are jealous of their cover of “Best of You”. Great Job!
  • I talked about some “hard” topics today… From porn to polygamy cult members who dress like “ma engalls” on Little House on the Prairie… In a world where the “best” that government and religion have to offer is Education and Legislation, I believe the only hope to truly change lives is “love your neighbor as much as you love yourself”. Simple, revolutionary, and extremely difficult…
  • I ran into the Pastor that fired me from our last church at the restaurant after church…and had a really nice talk…I think it is cool that God can cause people who see things very differently to be part of the same effort…I look forward to spending some time in the future talking with him. As I told him “the amazing thing is not that I got fired…it’s that I got hired”. (I have a talent for making the “people who pay the bills” very uncomfortable…as if you didn’t know that already)
  • I know she hates when I say this but…My wife Michele is the best partner a pastor could hope for…she is creative, organized, and has major managerial skilz…both actionchurch and I are lucky to have her!
  • I am really pumped about “Hope Sunday” next week…I think it is going to be a real demonstration of why we are called “action”church instead of “sit around and talk about it” church… Or “we’ll pray for you but never consider actually lifting a finger to help”church. (I tried to get those church names but they were “already taken”…and they were hard to fit on the sign)
  • I think I am the “luckiest” guy in town to get to preach at Fat Daddy’s on Sunday morning…I truly love our people and wouldn’t “trade” with anyone.

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