How did you get here?

One of my first questions I ask people at actionchurch is “how did you hear about us?” I just took a look a my search engine stats and here is some of my favorite ways people got “here”…

Search for:

  • “strippers for Jesus”- not sure what they were lookin’ for but they found this:” (link)
  • “religious protest Kid Rock”- I’m not sure if they were for religious people protesting Kid rock or not…they found this: (link)
  • “top ten reasons promiscuous sex is fun”- I’m pretty sure they were disappointed when they linked to this post: (link)
  • “my current church is too big”- I’m really sure whoever entered this search hated this post: (link)
  • “bash me in the head with a shovel”- Not sure if they were looking for someone to perform the “bashing” or just wanted more info…they linked to this (link)

However you “got here”… enjoy!

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