Last week I was looking for photos online for the promo for our new “Wrecked” series. Michele laughed at me because, as she pointed out, “we have a barn full of wrecks…why are you looking for a picture online?”. I took her advise and used a photo of “Otis” my wrecked 68 VW panel van for the promo picture. (…yes we name all of our cars)

Maybe you don’t have a barn full of wrecked VW’s like I do- but I bet you have a “barn full” of wrecked dreams, relationships, and plans somewhere… We all do. Even though we may feel like everyone else is “normal” and we are “messed up” the truth is we are all in some way “wrecked”. The good news is that the Bible is filled with flawed, “messed up”, wrecked people that God chose to work through in amazing ways! Over the next four weeks we are going to “expose” the stories of an extremely dysfunctional family, a convicted murderer, a prostitute, and a disgraced leader… Starts Sunday

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