"Louder than words"…

It’s very hard to recap all that happened today…it’s just too much. First off here’s what the “Big Secret was. We gave away $1100.00 in the main service to help people in the community. Everyone got an plastic egg with either a $5, $10, or a $20 and a card with three rules on it.

  1. Don’t put it in the donation basket
  2. Don’t spend it on yourself…
  3. Use it for a simple act of kindness for someone in need.

I shared how that was a great picture of what Christ did by rising from the grave…We all are given differing “amounts” of ability and resources…because of his gift we can chose to use our “little chance to change the world” to help someone else and let them know someone cares..or we can selfishly use it for ourselves… Here’s the website link to follow/share the stories from our “give back”

The highlights:

  • The egg drop was amazing upstairs…the prizes were unbelievable. You can see some of it on the Fox news at 10. I am so proud of our actionkidz crew! I love that they don’t do things “half-way”….I was so freakin‘ impressed!
  • The Recovery (Band) was great! I can’t wait to have these guys back this summer when they get back from college…Their originals were honestly better than the really well-performed coldplay cover they did. Thoughtful lyrics…great musicianship…Great Band!
  • Michele was amazing…. I think everyone knows who the better communicator in the Record family… I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when she told the story of how a kind preachers wife completely changed her life with a few kind and generous acts!
  • It was awesome to start to pack the room…we had more people today than we had at our launch seven weeks ago! Way to go everyone…You are definitely inviting, investing, and getting involved!
  • …speaking of investing…we got the money we gave away back and then some…it is so cool to see people “investing” in the vision of actionchurch. Thank you all for your generosity!
  • …speaking of getting involved…I am so thankful for all the new “crew” who jumped in and helped set up and tear down…THANK YOU all! We are definitely starting to “hit on all cylinders” as a church.

I could go on and on…but I am so thankful to be a little part of actionchurch…the best is yet to come and I believe the “ripple effect” from this morning has just started in our community! Happy Easter everyone!

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