What's the point…

Sunday after church I was driving down Rt. 30 to pick up a pizza at Domino’s to take home. As I stopped at a stop light I noticed a woman holding one of those “one day only greatest sale ever” signs. She was older and was wearing a dress…she looked cold. It immediately struck me that she was someone who needed “a random act of kindness” that I had just urged everyone to do this week… Of course I argued with “myself”. I was too busy. It would be inconvenient to turn around and bring her some coffee. What if she didn’t like coffee? What if she thought I was some kind of serial killer trying to lure her into my SUV?

I thought about these guys (link). I decided to bring her a cup of coffee. The the “fun” began… When I returned with her coffee she was gone. I felt really dumb… I couldn’t shake the feeling that I should find her so I drove around the area until I saw her sign leaning up against the Hardees…. I felt even dumber as I went into the restaurant looking for a woman I had never met with a cup of coffee.

I wish so many times that I could see the “rest” of the story…like God does. My “cold lady” was grateful and hugged me when I finally located her and gave her the coffee…but I am not sure why it seemed so important to me to bring her one. Maybe she needed encouragement. Maybe she needed to feel loved. I don’t know…God does. I just felt kinda dumb… Our pizza felt colder.

It’s easy to trust God when everything works out fine…every story has a happy ending…and the “reason” is clear. It’s so much harder when we don’t see the “rest of the story”. It’s most difficult when you believe strongly that you have “heard from God” and actually obey…and then it doesn’t turn out the way you thought it “should”… I struggle with that. How about you?

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