Sunday Recap

  • Great Sunday …the energy was high and attendance was definitely up from last week. It was cool to have to set up chairs as the service was starting…We still have room for more people, but it’s cool to see the place filling up!
  • EVERYTHING WORKED in the video and graphics “department”…I am so thankful for the new computer that was donated! It made all the difference.
  • It was cool in our third week to start to get to know “regulars” and see new faces.
  • Torn From Red rocked…the video ends with the video recorder vibrating off the table from the bass…that’s Sunday morning at actionchurch.
  • I think we are finally finding some more help for Jeff and Chrissie in actionkidz…YEAH!
  • I loved hearing the stories from people excited to go to church for the first time in their lives… that is what we are here for.
  • It was so cool to see so many people stay and help afterward. It really helps and it’s a great way to get to know people.
  • Offering was about 1/4 of what we need to meet budget… We have a very small budget because of a not paying salaries…we are just not meeting it. I am certain that God wants “people who don’t like church” to hear about Jesus…but if we do not find a way to raise some funds we will be in the unfortunate position of having a growing church that actually appeals to unchurched people…and not be able to continue…
  • …financial needs aside…this was a great Sunday and exactly what we dreamed of when we started this journey. I am so proud of what actionchurch is becoming. I am proud of the team and I absolutely am trusting that God has so much more planned for actionchurch in York county!

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