Holy Cow! a Christmas Cookie.

I spent some time yesterday delivering Christmas Cookies to some painting clients. (My wife Michele is an amazing baker, so they are always happy to see me coming with cookies!) When I got home there was a package from our logo/graphic designer Michael at Holy Cow Creative. (Give and you will receive!) When I went to “sample” one this morning I realized that not only did it taste great…they were baked to look like the Holy Cow logo. Very cool! We are really blessed to work with such creative people. Thanks!

You can check out Michael’s new Blog about church marketing (here). It’s very insightful.

One thought on “Holy Cow! a Christmas Cookie.

  1. Glad you liked them Don! It is truly a blessing to link arms with you in ministry and too have a wife that is such a great baker!

    Have a very merry Christmas.