So how do you do church for kids in a nightclub? …from preschool to 4th grade on a dance floor? We’re about to find out on December 9th. Here’s the 411 on actionkidz

  • We want it to be fun! Seriously, if it’s not fun it doesn’t matter how much “Bible trivia” you teach…kids are going to check out.
  • Parents are welcome. We recognize that some parents will have questions about how we do children’s ministry…our invitation: stay and “play along”.
  • Teaching will be done on video. That’s the way kids primarily learn now…white boards and lectures don’t cut it… (this also frees up the actionkidz crew from being “teacher” to being able to interact and facilitate fun instead.)
  • Pick great people who love kids! I am so grateful God sent Jeff and Chrissy to lead our actionkidz start up but we still need more volunteers who love kids (and can pass a background check!)
  • Make sure they have the proper resources! Truth-be-told we will spend more between now and launch on set supplies and equipment for the actionkidz area of actionchurch than the “main service”. Why? Because kids are not the “church of tomorrow” they are the church of today! Studies show that you are more likely to begin following Jesus before the age of 12 than any other time in your life… Children’s ministry is not “babysitting” or an afterthought…it is IMPORTANT!
  • Did I mention fun? Example: Jeff and Chrissy have picked a curriculum for the first 8 weeks of actionkidz called “Driving force” that teaches biblical principles through racing. It looks like later in the series we will be able to have Bob bring the “actionkidz” race car for the kids to meet the driver and take pictures in the car… That’s nothing like the “Sunday School” I remember.

Thanks to Yvonne for the new artwork and logo…I think the new “crew” member is named Spike.

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