As Seen on TV…

Michele and I went yesterday to purchase the plasma TV’s we will be using as video monitors at Fat Daddy’s. (I can’t believe we are less that two weeks away from our first “test drive” service on Sunday morning). A couple of things:

  • The “sales dudes” at our local “Buy More” definitely are NOT on commission…he seemed like someone asking to purchase (3) 50″ plasmas was sort of a hassle to him?!?!
  • The reason why we are using plasmas instead of projector/screens at this point is because our good friend Matt over at Unity Pro Audio and Video suggested that we would be better off purchasing flat panels locally than purchasing projectors and screens from his company at this point! Matt is a supporter of actionchurch, a follower of Jesus, and a business owner that puts integrity before profit so if you need any gear…check with them first. (They even have a new online store opening up.)
  • …although they are not “cheap”, it’s certainly a good time to buy a flat panel. We are able to purchase (3) 50″ (two for the main service and one for actionkidz) Vizio monitors for less that $4000.00. That’s about what a single 42″ cost just three years ago!
  • This is the single biggest purchase we have made for equipment for Sunday Mornings. That is possible because Fat Daddy’s already has all the other sound and lighting equipment we need. Yeah God!
  • Since most adults and all children have been raised watching television, I believe the visual component of communicating the Good News of Jesus is now more important than ever. In many cases the visual image and words projected on the screen have a better chance of “registering” with the listener than the spoken word. If you would like to be part of communicating this life changing truth please consider donating to help cover the cost of our video system. Tax Deductible donations can be made online or contact me @

One thought on “As Seen on TV…

  1. U guys rock!!! Can’t wait to hear how your TEST DRIVE goes! Sheesh… we can’t even afford ONE plasma! LOL!