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Just found out that the York Daily Record is running a story about our church (among others) who meet in bars. Here’s the online (link). I think the reporter Mellisa Nann Burke did a really “fair and balanced” story and I couldn’t be happier with it. I am really glad that Bob was in there with his race car,since they have been so over-the-top good to us, and also that there was a lot of stuff from other churches that already have ministries in clubs and bars. Here are a couple funny (behind the scenes) things about the story though:

  1. I was just linking to a news clip about Forefront Church in Virginia this morning their Pastor Vince Antonucci was actually interviewed for this article and had some great quotes.
  2. Speaking of Forefront Church there is a brief reference to me being fired from York Christian Church for “leadership differences” and then lots of mentions of Forefront Church of Christ (same “non”denomination) who have lead the charge on focusing outward instead of inward for years. It just shows churches today are far more influenced by the vision of the local leadership than denominations or associations.
  3. The guy in the background of the York Fair picture with the hat on is Pastor Dennis Hall from Friendship Community Church…what a great guy and what a great encouragement their whole staff is to us!
  4. That’s not my toe in the picture above….it’s Reagan’s and you should know that by the size and the fact that I never wear pink toenail polish…only purple.

One thought on “actionchurch in York Daily Record

  1. Congrats on the coverage. Keep pushing those boundaries!

    Thanks for letting us take part in the vision.