Painting at Fat Daddy's

One thing I always want to strive for as a church is to be “more than expected”. I want our Sunday mornings to be better than “expected”. When we give some thing away I want it to be better than “expected”. When we serve our community I want to do more than “expected”.

I definitely want the owners and employees of Fat Daddy’s night club (where we will hold our Sunday morning services) to have a “better than expected” experience with actionchurch! To get this ball rolling, after we finalized our deal with them, I offered to do some free painting in the club. It really surprised them…and that’s the way we like it. It’s kind of the “action” way to express our appreciation to them for allowing us to rent their place. Here’s the really funny/cool thing…I started painting their entry and the colors they picked came right out of the actionchurch logo…honestly I had nothing to do with their choice. It is going to rock with our signage everywhere on Sunday mornings.

I am loving envisioning where all our church “gear” will go as I spend time painting at the club. More than that though, I am loving the fact that actionchurch is turning out to be “better than expected” for the club owners…before we even meet there!

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