As we are putting the teams together for our first ” Test Drive” service on December 9th, it’s become really clear to me that we are to be a “Empowering” Church, and not a “Training” Church. Here’s the difference-

When you “train” people you first assume you know the very best way to do something, (I don’t) and then you ask them to reproduce your information and actions. Instead, I want to find people who are already passionate about serving people, whether it is on the actionkids team, hospitality team, community connection team, or production team, and empower them to do something better than I could even imagine. Does that mean everyone gets a title and is sent off to do whatever they want to do? Absolutely not. Instead everyone should get a very clear directive and “picture” of the vision of actionchurch. Then with the “end result” of their particular task in mind they are “empowered” to set out and find the very best methods and tools to accomplish their mission. Along the way my job is to give them plenty of feedback and support so they can be confident that they are “on target with the vision” and have the full support of leadership.

I’m really excited to see the passionate, talented, diverse group that God is using to “Launch” actionchurch. We still have positions open…are you passionate about there being a place where our friends who would never consider going to church can meet Jesus? Wanna do something about it?

If so email me at info@actionchurch.com

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