Inspired by the "Pooper Scooper"

One of the advertising methods we plan to use before launching actionchurch on 2.10.08 are Yard signs (starting in January). Mike at Elk Creek said that was one of their least expensive and most effective ways of inviting their community to their “grand opening” launch. I guess that may be a factor in making me notice that there are Mr signs everywhere in the York Area! I can’t go anywhere without seeing at least one. They are “unignorable“!!!

So here it is…I am inspired! I know even as I write this that people will say “you can’t have a dream like that”, “it’s too big”, or “don’t you know that churches are supposed to sit back and politely hope that “visitors ” will come to their meetings?” I don’t care! Here’s my dream… I want actionchurch to be a church that is more intentional, more relentless, more “in your face” in inviting our community to our Sunday Mornings than “Mr Scoop”is about picking up dog Poop… I know this is “crazy talk”, but can you imagine what would happen if a church got as motivated to introduce their community to Jesus as Mr Scoop is to clean up the dog crap in their yards? It’s a “big dream” but someone has to do it!

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