What Churches can learn from Radio.

We’ve been set up across from 105.7 the X all week at the York Fair. The X “crew” has been really nice and we are looking forward to advertising with them in the future. As I have watched them work so hard all week to meet and connect with York “Countians”, I think there is a lot of things actionchurch (and churches in general) could learn from radio.

  1. It’s about being “heard”: Radio Stations and Churches both need to be heard. We can talk all we want, play all the music we want, play all the “games” we want but if we are not being heard outside of our walls in our community-it’s just pointless.
  2. You’ve got to pick a freaking “format”. I listen to the “X” because it’s a rock station, pure and simple. But lots of people like hip-hop or country instead. Ever wonder why there are no country/rock/hip-hop/easy listening/hits of the 40’s/50’s/60’s/70’s/80’s/90’s/and the “future”? Wouldn’t that make “everyone” happy? Actually you don’t see stations with that kind of format because they would make no one happy. The same is true of Churches…if you try to please “everyone” you make no one happy. It’s important to know who you are, have a vision, and allow people who aren’t “into” what you are doing to go to one of the other 800 churches in town.
  3. It’s important to “go out” into the community. I don’t think radio stations spend tons of money and time on promotions staff, equipment, etc. just so their air talent will have somewhere to go nights and weekends. Churches can learn a lot from radio’s relentless presence at events everywhere. If there are people who haven’t “heard” yet, they will be there with something to give away and someone to “meet”. I think church should be a lot more like that.
  4. Be willing to change…while staying on “target”. This one goes along with picking a format. Good radio stations constantly change, (new music, new “programs”, new advertisements) while still reaching out to their target audience. When something “gets old” they change it…they just never forget who they are in the process.
  5. You gotta please the “sponsor”: Even though it would seem like Radio is all about reaching and pleasing listeners…in reality it’s even more important to please sponsors…the ones who actually buy ad time and pay the bills. It’s the same thing with churches. We have to remember that it’s OK (in fact it’s expected) that we be innovative, compelling, and entertaining. It’s important to play great music and have lots of “listeners”…but in the end our number one “job” is to please Jesus. He’s the reason we do this whole thing…the reason we try to be “heard”. Our job is to “make Jesus famous” in York County.

Seacrest out!

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