"Subway commercial" sin…

Have you seen the new Subway commercials? Not the annoying ones with Jared and his giant pants, but the new ones where people order fast food by what it does to your body after you eat it. Example: “Could I get some thunder thighs and a ‘I can’t believe how big my Butt looks”. Or a guy might say. “Could I get an order of ‘please don’t take your shirt off”. They kind of annoy me also, but they do make me laugh…I was thinking maybe it would be helpful if we could think of sin like that. Here’s some “ideas”.

Materialism- “Hey look, I just got a card in the mail that says I can charge up $15,000 worth of things I don’t need to impress my friends…wow, it says I’ll regret it for years! ” “It even says I’ll be paying this bill long after I forget what I purchased!”

Bitterness- “Could I get some of that ‘It hurts me way more than it ever hurts the one I’m bitter towards” Oh and could you make sure that I get the kind that “Takes away all your joy and makes you a hateful black hole of emotion that no one wants to be around?”

Adultery- “Hey I just met this nice new woman at work who invited me to come over to her house and loose my family, my self-respect, and most of my earthly possessions!” She promised that later I can deal with regret and shame while I live in a “van down by the river”.

I’m just sayin’…it’s all in how you “advertise” this stuff. Got any Ideas for new “commercials”?

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